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Maybe your tire is making a weird noise, or maybe you've been experiencing sharking when you round corners. No matter what problem you're encountering, you can count on Crimson Tire Company to get to the bottom of it. By speaking to a professional, you can assuage your fears and service your vehicle before they get worse.

Our services are fast. You can usually get new tires right away, without having to wait. Tire services and oil changes don't have to take up your whole day. No more dropping off your car without knowing exactly when you'll get it back.

Call 307-237-5279 now to speak with a professional in Casper, WY.

We'll be upfront with you about every part of the process, no matter what services you require. When you come to Crimson Tire Company, you're coming to a local company you can trust. We won't try to sell you services you don't really need. Honesty and transparency are huge with us.

Affordability is also important to us. We strive to stay affordable and accessible. We'll also price-match and occasionally price-beat other auto shops. You have access to two different financing options when you go through us.

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Whether you need an oil change or a tire rotation, you can count on us to take care of it. Visit our shop today in Casper, WY.


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