Keep Your Brakes From Squealing

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Are you experiencing a problem with your brakes? Come to a brakes service that can fix up your vehicle efficiently and affordably. Crimson Tire Company does a thorough job to make sure that your brakes work smoothly in the future. We'll determine the cause of your current troubles and make sure we eliminate it.

We'll inspect your brakes carefully to determine whether you need new brake pads. If there's a problem with your braking system or your rotors, we'll do everything we can to get your brakes in good shape again.

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Replace your brake pads once they've worn thin

Replace your brake pads once they've worn thin

Balding brake pads can't help you much when you really need to stop. Bring your car in to us to change out your old brake pads with brand-new ones. You'll drive away in a much safer vehicle.

New brake pads cost $190 for cars and $200 for trucks. Full brake service including rotors costs $380 for cars and $400 for trucks.

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